Besides being a technologist, I am an amateur long distance runner, mostly trail runs and marathons. As of April 2007, I have completed 13 marathons in 8 states with my best time being a 2:58:30 in the Mohawk-Hudson Marathon last year. Lots of people ask me how I can stand going for twenty mile runs. But actually, its on those runs that I find my best ideas come to me. It is the one time that I can hours alone just to think. It is amazing what comes in to your head when the blood and adrenaline are pumping.

2007 Races

  • Great Eastern Endurance Run (September 2007) — I am doing the 50 K
  • Reach The Beach Relay September 2007– 200+ Miles in 24 Hours (about) — My team Feats of Strength and Daring came in 100th out of 365 starters.
  • Half Wit Half Marathon August 2007
  • Muir Woods Trail Marathon (April 2007)
  • DC Marathon (March 2007)